Row Highlighter

Functioning: Highlights given row with colour Green (Checked) / Yellow (Comment) / Red (Error)

Case Study: Your are auditing Cash Ledger of some client. You highlight (i.e. flag) row green (Ok), yellow (Supporting required) and red (Discrepency or Observation).

Normal Method: Entire row is selected and then Fill Colour options is choosen to highlighlight.

Excel BI Method:

screenshot Audit Row Highlighter

Shotkeys for highlighting
  • Checked Button (Green) : Ctrl + Shift + H
  • Comment Button (Yellow) : Ctrl + Shift + J
  • Error Button (Red) : Ctrl + Shift + K
  • To remove highlight, press same color button
  • To change highlight color, press different colour button
  • In normal method, many people use F4 key (repeat last action) to highlight next row, but this chain breaks when any other operation like (copy-paste) is done in-between