Download & Installation

Excel BI can downloaded and used free of cost for both commercial and non-commercial purpose without any restriction.

Excel - 32 bit Excel - 64 bit

System Requirement
  • Windows 7 or above
  • Microsoft Office 2007 or above
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or above (comes pre-installed in Windows 10)
Steps to run add-in on demand
  1. Open downloaded add-in file (*.xll)
  2. Excel will show a dialog with security notice about running add-in
    screenshot excel add-in security notice
  3. Click "Enable this add-in for this session only"
  4. A new tab named Excel BI would be visible
  5. Add-in gets closed after all Excel windows are closed
Steps to install add-in permanently
  1. Download Excel-BI add-in using "Download" button above
  2. Open Excel
  3. Go to Office Button (2007) or File Menu (2010 onwards) located at top-left of Excel screen
    excel 2007 office button    excel 2010 file menu
  4. Go to Excel Options (2007) or Options (2010 onwards)
  5. Go to Add-ins tab
    screenshot excel option add-in tab
  6. Choose Excel Add-ins in dropdown and click Go button
  7. Click Browse button and select downloaded add-in (*.xll) file
    screenshot excel add-in dialog
  8. Excel BI Add-in can be seen added to the list. Click "OK" button
    screenshot excel add-in dialog Excel BI entry
  9. A new tab named Excel BI should be visible

In case you cannot see "Excel BI" added to Add-ins list, or get any error, then there are 2 known reasons for this:

  1. Your PC might not be having desired minimum .NET Framework version (error message indicating this is generally display by add-in)
  2. You may have 32 bit Excel installed and you are installing 64 version of add-in or vice-a-versa.
    How to check if you are running 32 or 64 bit of Excel