Generating & Signing of GSTR - 9C is a bit headache, as due to compatibility issues in Browsers (settings), OS and Excel version. Many people are unable to Digitally Sign JSON file, and get stuck on that Initiate Signing dialog. So this webpage/utility aims to remove this difficulty by modifing some Macros of 9C Excel template. As a result, you can now sign 9C JSON file using Firefox and Chrome browser too.

We have released & updated 9C template to v1.7 with FY 2019-20 support

Note: We do not Send / Store any of your data / file on our Server. All the data is processed there itself on your browser
You can skip Modify Macros step, if you are using template downloaded from above link, as we already have modified Macros in it
Modify Macros
Upload Excel Template

Digitally Sign
Upload Unsigned JSON file

  1. Ensure emSigner is Running
  2. Upload your GSTR 9C_Offline_Utility Excel Template which you have filled up (in Modify Macros dialog)
  3. Browser will modify some macros of it and will generate Modified Version of the same (file download link appears in 4-5 seconds)
  4. Open Modified version of Excel Template download in above step and Enable Macros
  5. Click Generate JSON file (like you do normally)
  6. Modified Template will directly generate and prompt to save Unsigned JSON file
    Note: I have by-passed Initiate Signing / Open EMSigner dialog from Excel Macros and implemented it on this webpage, so you will not see it
  7. Upload that Unsigned JSON file (in Digitally Sign dialog)
  8. emSigner window will be displayed (same like we get in GSTR-3B Signing). Enter DSC PIN
  9. Signed JSON is now generated and can be downloaded (Firefox/Chrome download link is displayed) (Internet Explorer file SaveAs dialog appears directly)
  10. Upload this JSON file into your GST portal
Macros Designed / Modified by: CA. Dhananjay Gokhale / / 9028463366
Template Tested / Authenticated by: CA. Ritsh Mehta/
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emSigner Connectivity: Chrome
If you are getting message Could not connect to emSigner follow the below steps
  1. Open a new Tab
  2. Enter url chrome://flags/#allow-insecure-localhost (just copy-paste it)
  3. Change this setting to Enabled
  4. Restart chrome when prompted
  5. Now refresh utility page (or press F5)
emSigner Connectivity: Firefox
If you are getting message Could not connect to emSigner follow the below steps
  1. Open a new Tab
  2. Enter url https://127.0.01:1585 (just copy-paste it)
  3. Click Advanced... and after that click Accept the Risk and Continue
  4. Restart emSigner