This is a browser extension which saves your time in login page by auto-fill of client credentials
  • Fills up (or Paste) User Id / Password / TAN in a single click
  • Easy search of client by it's Name instead of User Id
  • One click Import & Export (backup) of credentials of all clients from/to Excel template file
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Coming Soon
Bulk Import Template
screenshot excel template bulk import

Download Excel Template

Instead of adding client credentials one-by-one, extension can also import all at once. Just download the template (link provide above). Or simply prepare an Excel sheet with column names exactly same as shown in screenshot. To import, select the data along with headers in Excel sheet, copy it and then paste it in Extension's import box.

Backup to Excel

Credentials can be backuped easily to any excel file. Steps to backup:

  • Launch extension (by clicking it's icon)
  • Press Copy to Excel button
  • Open new / existing Excel file
  • Paste in Excel (Ctrl + V)
Extension Developed & Managed by: CA Dhananjay Gokhale
Mobile: 90284-63366

This project is under open source License. Source Code of this project is available on GitHub website which hosts public open source projects

Note: This extension stores credentials in the browser (of that PC) only. Credentials are not sent to any server ensuring it's safety. On clearing browser cache, credentials gets erased.

So we have made project's source code available

  • to verify this claim that credentials are safe, which any Javascript expert can check
  • as an inititative to learn Browser Extension development for those interested in this

Latest Version: 1.0
Release Date: 01-Jul-2020